Overall vision – for the St Ives Bay Area to flourish and thrive as a successful coastal community, to the benefit of all who live, work and visit the area.  This includes support for the employment and business base to be well grounded in a range of sustainable activities, including the existing tourism economy.

Economic issues currently facing the St Ives Bay Area:

Wider economic factors and the attractiveness of oversees holidays to UK residents

Transport links to the area, and traffic / parking issues when in the area

The need to increase the availability of local affordable housing, to ensure a resident base to provide the workforce for business

Reliance on tourism means that the area relies on a disproportionate share of low wage and part time jobs.

Community pride and its role in a strong local economy

Need to improve working with post 16 education providers

Identified economic issues in the St Ives Area Neighbourhood Plan:

  • Small business support
  • Secure, year round employment that pays a living wage
  • Need to promote entrepreneurship
  • Promote and support new industries
  • Promotion of higher value-added industry and job creation
  • Encourage business relocation to the area
  • Retention of earned wealth in the local economy
  • Greater retail diversity in St Ives and overall provision in Carbis Bay and Lelant

How establishing a Team will contribute to these issues:

  • Strength of combined working in a coordinated way with a clear vision, specified objectives to be achieved and a plan to give the framework for how these will be accomplished.
  • A single, powerful marketing campaign for St Ives will achieve greater recognition for the area than a number of smaller efforts
  • By working in partnership with local authorities and the local business sector, initiatives to encourage business start-ups and relocating of businesses to the area will have the opportunity to be most effective.
  • A combined lobbying and problem solving approach for the transport and traffic issues will be more likely to find and achieve a solution to this ongoing issue. Likewise, with more organisations combining to find options for affordable housing will help this goal to be achieved.
  • A team with strong representation from the local business community will be well placed to know what support businesses need and how this should be provided