Economic Plan

Smeatons and harbour

The Coastal Communities funding will be used to produce a plan to address the economic issues identified, to promote a strong and wide economic base in the area, encourage increased affordable housing, support for local businesses, support for community, heritage and cultural facilities, and creating robust links to enable sustainable growth and performance in the area.

The plan will be produced by an appointed project officer / consultant who will lead the process, carry out any necessary research and consultation, and write the plan itself.  This will be done in full consultation with each of the organisations on the Team.  Communication between Team members throughout the process will include regular joint meetings.

There will be actions associated with the plan which will be carried out alongside the development of the plan itself (these actions will also use elements of the £10,000 funding).  Examples of actions would include creation of the Team website and activities associated with the aims of the Coastal Community Team.

The work of the Coastal Community Team will also include identifying other sources of funding to maximise the benefits from the Coastal Community Team Funding – this is a fundamental element of the work of St Ives BID and so will integrate well with their efforts.